Tuesday, July 15, 2014


'A picture is worth 1,000 words.' One of my favorite phrases, not to mention, I find it completely true. And because I find it true, today the only picture I would need to post would be this one:
I have a pretty good life. Yes, I'm single, I have no kids, and I may not be a millionaire. BUT. I have a pretty good life. HOWEVER. We ALL have days or weeks where 'straw' just keeps piling up, and piling up, AND PILING UP... right? Am I alone in that boat? SOS, anyone? For me - its the compilation of a bunch of different things. It's nothing major. Sometimes I find myself almost laughing and thinking 'God? Um... Really? I must be the comical relief in this play of yours called Life.' There are days I imagine God himself kicking back with a big bowl of popcorn and a large Dr. Pepper and saying, 'Ok! Lets see what Julie does with this scene!' ... and then he proceeds to laugh hysterically at my choices. Perhaps thats a sick and twisted way to view my trials and the turns my 30 year drive has taken, but it is what it is. So whether it's boys, kids, work, debt, body fat, pets, exhaustion, fear, or being let down one more time... I hope you're able to stare that lame piece of straw right in the face and tell it to take a hike.

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